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Buy Now - PayPal Service Not Working


Buy Now - PayPal Service Not Working

Dear Community


I created a few Buy Now buttons for my website.  I copied teh code and it shows appropriately. However, if you click the button, you got to PayPal (which is fine), but then when you sign on, you are taken to your account, but not the item you selected for purchase.


Also, how can customers add more than one item to their cart?  It looks like they can only one product at a time.


Please help, not sure what I am doing wrong.  I followed the directions, so I thought, but the cart and receive payment for the button is just not working.


Thank you in advance for your help.




Re: Buy Now - PayPal Service Not Working

Hi, Dee! Don't know if the following will help, but here it is.

As far as the button taking you back to your account.....I had that happen a few times when I was testing my site. I check the code for the few items it was doing that with and discovered some errors. I redid the buttons again in Paypal. Sometime if code is copied and pasted from another page, it can get misplaced. Worth a try on your part.


Do you have shopping cart software. Paypal offers possibilities for you to buy into that. I don't believe they have shopping carts (?) so your visitors will not be able to return to their cart page unless.......they make another purchase and then, once they get back to their itemized purchase page, they delete what they just ordered and then checkout. Hope I'm making sense. Wilmajean