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Add to Cart Drop Down Menu Problem (challenge)


Add to Cart Drop Down Menu Problem (challenge)

Hello. I'm familiar with PayPal Add to Cart buttons having used them on numerous sites to do one simple task: one item, one price.  Now, however, I'm building a site that I would like to have a drop down Add to Cart button that can handle 6 options (I know how to do that), with each option having a unique price (I know how to do that), AND  (here's the tricky part) a unique Item ID associated with each.  Right now, an Add to Cart drop down, with 10 or even just 2 drop downs initiated, can only have 1 Item ID associated with it, (no good for me).   By the way, I'm selling digital downloads (stock photos with unique Item ID's), already uploaded to my site (a php file already on my site would direct to the correct uploaded file for download).   It presently works just fine, but only one button (photo) at a time (I've got 350 photos, 6 different sizes with two license options). 


To review: what I would like is for the Add to Cart drop down button to offer 6 different sizes of photos with 6 different prices with 6 different unique Item ID's associated with each size and price,  e.g.


(Option) XSmall - (Price) $5 - (Item ID ) A_CC_XSM-1.jpg

(Option) Small - (Price) $10_ (Item ID ) A_CC_SM-1.jpg

(Option) Medium - (Price) $15 - (Item ID ) A_CC_MED-1.jpg

etc. all the way to XXLARGE (6 total)


I'm building my own buttons which I can add all the coding to or if I have to, I can use the PayPal generated buttons.  I know this is a tough nut to crack, anyone have any suggestions? THANKS for all your help.