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Re: API Signature Code & API Certificate

They sure take their time replying. I am glad I am not waiting for a pint of blood!

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Re: API Signature Code & API Certificate

I'm still waiting to hear from support but I found these threads on a couple of other forums.


They both say you can only use one or the other, not both.

In order to switch from certificate to signiture you have to remove the certificate and request new creditials which invalidates the certificate. The same holds true going from signiture to certificate.


It looks like the only solution so far is to have more than one account with PayPal.

It's a hassle because I believe they charge a fee to transfer funds between accounts. The only workaround I can see for that is to tranfer the funds to your bank first and then to your second account.

If anyone knows a better way, please let us know.

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Re: API Signature Code & API Certificate

wow...Can't thank you enough for that piece of advise. I've been trying for days to get someone to understand my question.


You had the answer, and such an easy answer, when all the tech help was clueless. 


T H A N K   Y O U!!!!!!

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Re: API Signature Code & API Certificate

Actually you can get both of them, on your account profile page, you could find the API access link on the left, on that page, you get two options, grant API permission to a third party, and get your API certificate.

Choose API certificate, you will get another two options, this is the place you could get both API signiture and API certificate.



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Re: API Signature Code & API Certificate

Technically, you can get both, but both will NOT work at the same time.  If you get the certificate, you must first delete the certificate before getting the API SIGNATURE.  If you get the SIGNATURE, and want to get the CERT, you must first delete the SIG before you can obtain the CERT.


You will need two accounts as they don't allow the SIG and CERT to operate at the same time.  Sorry.