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"manage recurring payments" link broken

New Community Member

"manage recurring payments" link broken

Since few weeks the "manage recurring payments" link in the transaction page is not working properly.

When I receive a payment from a subscribed user (an user of my website), I need to click that link to get the user id that the user has typed when he subscribed.  This is not working anymore: when I click this link, it brings me to the page of my own subscription, not to the page of the subscribed users!


Does anyone know how can I find the damn user subscriptions page?? The one with subscriptions of my buyers.

Thanks in advance,



Re: "manage recurring payments" link broken

Hi leopardus2, 


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community forum and welcome as a new member!


I am sorry to hear you are unable to find subscriptions page for your buyer. Please review this link for further information -


- Siobhan