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"Renew Certificate" button missing in new Dashboard

New Community Member

"Renew Certificate" button missing in new Dashboard

We are a Business Account holder and have been receiving emailed instructions from PayPal to renew our API Certificate.


When we login to the Business Accounts dashboard and follow the instructions we see:


1) The Dashboard look & feel has been upgraded and there is a section asking for feedback

2) The API Credentials page (SOAP/Classic) only has Delete & Download Certificate buttons, no "Renew Certificate" buttons as suggested in the instruction email.  This makes it impossible to renew the certificate.


We are logging in with the Admin/Owner account, so it's not a permissions issue.  Have also tried multiple browser types, didn't help.


We have submitted feedback and help tickets and all we get are completely irrelevant automated responses, can't seem to get a human response despite multiple attempts.  Everywhere I look in the PayPal support pages I see disclaimers along the lines of "due to COVID you have to put up with slow support", which is highly questionable for a virtual/online payments company.  Meanwhile our certificate is about to expire and we will lose business.


Any ideas on how we might proceed?

New Community Member

Re: "Renew Certificate" button missing in new Dashboard

I should also add that the Instruction email from paypal includes a link to submit a ticket if having problems renewing, but the link is broken and goes nowhere.  It is to a website that doesn't exist.