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"REQUIRED to avoid service interruption you need to complete important security upgrades"

PayPal Employee

Re: Suspicious Email From Paypal?

The email is from PayPal, and should have included a link to the microsite , which has full details

Here is a PayPal article that talks about content being put there:!-ts2171

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Re: - Avira blocks this site as malware

I too, received a message from (supposedly) paypal in reference to "TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 Upgrade - Complete by June 2018
Update Needed: Yes
...however, my security system Avira blocks this site as malware/phishing.  Also, on my paypal account, I have no notification of any such upgrade.

I find no explanation in my account settings as to what this upgrade is or what it is for.  Haven't a clue.

Can anyone advise if this is indeed a malware/phishing fake email from Paypal or not?


Thank you.





What is the IPN setting and why do I need to change it?

I got this email from PP 2X's and I'm confused about what I'm supposed to do.  Everytime I go to the site it suggests, I am more confused about what to do?


Our records indicate that you still need to make critical security upgrades to your systems. If you see a “YES” next to a security change, your integration must be updated to accept these new security measures as soon as possible.


Change Change Required?

Merchant API Certificate Credential UpgradeNo
TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 UpgradeNo
IPN Verification Postback to HTTPSYes
Discontinue Use of GET Method of Classic NVP/SOAPNo
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PayPal Continues to Send The IPN Email warning After IPN Has Been Turned Off



We don't need or use IPN and I have turned it off via profile > profile & settings > my selling tools > Instant payment notifications > update > choose IPN settings  but we STILL get the daily email message with the subject "PayPal Instant Payment Notification Warning" .  We don't use IPN and we never have.  How the heck do I put an end to these notifications.


Another issues that is weird is that it's looking for a path that's not been created. Why would the system look for this all of a sudden?

The email warning started 4 or 5 days ago.


It's very strange.


Here's the path.

Why would PP look for this specifc IPN script that we never created in the first place?






Have I missed something?  Why won't PP stop bugging me?

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Re: PayPal Continues to Send The IPN Email warning After IPN Has Been Turned Off

Well, I can not check the information, as everytime I receive the email, Avast blocks it as a dangerous site. This is the third email I receive from them. I pay attention to it, because I am addressed by name and not like "Dear User" or anything like that which scammers do.