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"Authorize Now" instead of "Buy Now" text for authorizations


"Authorize Now" instead of "Buy Now" text for authorizations

Hey all,


I've set up a payment process with authorization intent by using (new) Smart Checkout Buttons.


When I showed the product to users they got confused with the last step of the PayPal Popup. The confirmation button for the authorization contains "Jetzt Kaufen" which is "Buy Now" in german instead of something more accurate like "Authorize now". 


So a user clicks "Buy now" to confirm the authorization, the popup closes and he gets redirected to the last step of my checkout where the actual purchase will then happen. That means there is a second "Buy now" button which starts some backend process and captures the payment eventually.


Do I do something wrong here? Is there a way to change the label of the confirm button in paypal popup to for instance "Authorize now"?

I agree with my users' confusion. It technically feels wrong to me that there is a misleading label "Buy now" when it is all about authorization.


Please note, I'm not talking about the PayPal buttons on my page but the one in the paypal popup.


Happy to hear from you 🙂

Cheers, I wish you a fantastic new decade!



Re: "Authorize Now" instead of "Buy Now" text for authorizations

Figured it out.



There is `commit` query parameter which you can set to `true`.${CLIENT_ID}&currency=EUR&intent=authorize&commit=false


The description is pretty bad: 

"Set to true if the transaction is Pay Now, or false if the amount captured changes after the buyer returns to your site. Not applicable for subscriptions."


For me the amount does not change. Documentation should be something like "..or false if there is a custom "Buy now" button present on your site. Useful for authorization intent."


Anyway, Cheers