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paypalhere issues


paypalhere issues

Hi, just wondering if we can use paypal here app on a android smart phone, or on an IOS IPad that are up to 6 years ols will they be supported, can we use paypal here in ireland. The english registered charity team are coming to an event in ireland so that any funds raised through people shopping at the event can be properly and legally channelled to their accounts , they will bring over paypal linked card readers, from UK and we will set up paypal here app on one tablet (ipad) or smart phone if we cant get ipad to work, does this sound feasable ? thanks j



Re: paypalhere issues

Hi @weejimmy


All great questions! 🙂 


PayPal Here is available on both android and iOS. It does also work with iPads. The best place to check to see if your device and software are compatible is by looking at PayPal Here on the app store. It will give compatible devices and software versions. Also, PayPal Here readers would work in Ireland from the UK. 


You can read more regarding terms here.