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paypal guest checkout shopify


paypal guest checkout shopify


I have turned on "accounts are optional" inside website preferences option, but I still can't see "pay with credit card" on my store.
All I have is "login" and "create account" button. Before you tell me it is country restriction, it IS NOT ! I have checked on other stores and that option is available for me there. This is very frustrating, i need to launch my store and PAYPAL is my only payment gateway.
I sent 2 emails to paypal in 3 days between, but I haven't heard from them yet. I'm desperate for some help !


I'm hosting my site on shopify, and no this is not shopify problem.

Can somebody help me to fix this?

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Re: paypal guest checkout shopify

i have the same issue and i sent 3 email it been 20 day until now .. my paypal express checkout was showing pay with credit card or debit card (without register to paypal) now it has been changed to create account ... that's why people dont buy from my store how i can get it back and exchange it with create account button

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