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paypal express checkout


paypal express checkout

My name is Jagdish <removed>
I am using this account as a payment gateway for my shopify store. Now I am unable to receive payments from Indian & USA customers.I was contacting your team but I am not satisfied with them. I was contacting also shopify technical team & he says to contact paypal team for your problem creating during checkout.
Please properly solve my issue as soon as possible.


Re: paypal express checkout

BIG PROBLEM: The Yahoo shopping cart integration is supposed to give my customers the option of guest checkout, without having to "create a Paypal Account." This is vitally important for my business since my financial institution clients often use a business credit card and most of them don't want to or are prohibited from opening an account. THE PROBLEM IS that since December 2019, your shopping cart integration randomly does not allow my customers the guest checkout, forcing them to open a Paypal account and most of them are abandoning the cart! If they decide to call me I am able to deal with their frustration and use my virtual terminal, it sails through so obviously there was never a problem with their credit card. HOWEVER your glitch or faulty and arbitrary risk settings or whatever is forcing them to open an account is costing me $THOUSANDS and this also prevents me from getting my Paypal Business loan paid off. PLEASE FIX YOUR CART INTEGRATION TO ALLOW GUEST CHECKOUT!