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generate invoice via web request

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I have an access database here at work that holds meeting registration. Meetings have a fee associated with them. When someone registers, they get put into the database. Sometimes, people choose to pay via Paypal. sometimes they opt to pay later.  Once the admins review the registration, they go to Paypal to generate the invoice which is sent to the registrant. They were asking if there was a way to automatically send the invoice via Paypal directly from the database.


In access, I can setup a button to open a web address. Could I make a .net web page with a hidden form that submits a money request to a particular email address and for a set amount? PayPal could then log me in and send the invoice. This would kind of be like creating a form to charge someone at checkout of a web store.

I'm thinking this might not work as it could be a security hazard to automate this process. The thing is though, the person generating the invoice would still need to login in order to tell Paypal which account is making the request.


generate invoice via web request


Hello @BeaverMjr Looks like you need to have a job / website setup to use PayPal invoicing API to automate this. Otherwise, if your access db is accessible to some of the task automation platforms, you could still do it using some third party apps that connect you to create PayPal invoice automatically. Please explore.

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