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galaxy s6 edge mobile wont connect


galaxy s6 edge mobile wont connect

I am having problems getting paypal here to connect to my galaxy s6 edge android mobile mobile.

Can anyone help with this?

Does the phone eed to be rooted?

getting so frustrated with this and its losing my business money.

thanks guys for any help in advance.


Re: galaxy s6 edge mobile wont connect

Please update to the latest version of Android


Re: galaxy s6 edge mobile wont connect

I have now solved this problem. Thank you for replying to me I do appreciate it.




These are the troubleshooting steps which will help in connecting your phone and the PayPal Here Card Reader.
1. Delete/Uninstall the app from your phone.
2. Reinstall the app to your phone, but please do not login to the app yet.
3. Go into your phone settings then the Bluetooth settings and forget the connection with your PayPal Here reader. 
4. Turn your phones Bluetooth off.
5. Press the Bluetooth button on the card reader until it is flashing blue.
6. Turn your phones Bluetooth back on, PayPal will show up in your list of other devices (e.g. PayPal123).
7. Once connected, this will state on the Reader ‘Please open the app’.
8. Open the PayPal Here app and login to your account.
9. Click on the 3 menu lines in the top left hand corner.
10. Select Card Readers from the list.
11. Click ‘Find and Connect to Card Readers’.
12. This will search for any readers connected in Bluetooth, you will have to select your reader when it appears and it will connect to your phone.