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changing country while guest checkout ends up with signup


changing country while guest checkout ends up with signup

I use paypal express checkout so people from many countries can use it, and main goal is making payment as guest checkout, because many of them do not have paypal account, so i need to make it as easy as possible for them, just with only debit card.

I use server side payment creation with Node.JS, and here is my Web Profile JSON:


const create_web_profile_json = {
		name: _profile_name,
		presentation: {
			brand_name: "Best Brand 2018",
			logo_image: "",
			locale_code: // country // 'US'
		input_fields: {
			allow_note: true,
			no_shipping: 1,
			address_override: 1
		// -------- PAY NOW --------
		flow_config: {
			landing_page_type: "billing", // Guest Checkout
			user_action: "commit" // Pay Now

the FIRST problem is that if country is set to country that have issues with paypal i have payment url like this



but if paypal fully supporting in country it ends with ...checkout/guest is actually what i need, so i have not requred creating paypal account to proceed checkout, only credit card and billing information. I cannot figure out why this happening. BUT if i change /signup to /guest manualy it works for every country, the only thig chaging is that now PP asking if i want to create PP account, and i can choose NO and proceed checkout.


I think this is strange issue and PP needs to fix it

And exact same thing happening while you at last in guest checkout and you change a country. If country have no issues (i dont know what kind of them) with PP url still ends with checkout/guest, but if it have issues url changing to checkout/signup and people get frustrated that they need to create account and leaved checkout.



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Re: changing country while guest checkout ends up with signup

I have the same problem. Did you solve this issue?

For me it happens from the integration with woocommerce paypal express checkout. 

I can change the locale and default to different country but doing this forces me to signup when I need the guest checkout option.