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Working capital


Working capital

I got approved for loan 1.. paid it off in 58 days with the auto deduction. My sales are strong and I keep getting a weird code DLGJ0906..I have spoken to their representatives and they said my sales are good just keep trying . Anyone else know how I can get past this I need the extra cash going into the holidays

Re: Working capital

I have been getting the same code since March 2020 as well [DLGJ0906].  My sales are almost 3 times what they were last year!  I have been told that it means it is a fluctuation in sales (meaning your sales were higher and the system is reading it as a problem).  I have never had a charge back, never filed a dispute and my sales are just going up and up.  When you call the customer service number, they just keep telling you to keep doing what you are doing and you will eventually get approved.  I have been told this since March 2020 now and still no results.  I am done with PayPal.  I am not going to keep paying them thousands of dollars in fees and they treat an excellent customer like this.  It is ridiculous.  If they cannot afford to lend anymore then they should shut their doors.  It is discriminatory lending to give one person a loan and deny others with the same criterion they use.  I do not need their money that bad.  They only approved me for 2 $1,500 loans any way, which was a joke to me.  You would think (and everyone here does assume) once you pay off your current loan they will give you another loan higher.  Well that is not the case with PayPal!  They are the worst lender out there now.  Like I said before, if they cannot afford to lend anymore then they should shut their doors!