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Which solution should I use for charity?

New Community Member

Which solution should I use for charity?

Hello, I am new to paypal forum. I am developer myself and i got an issue in developing charity nonprofit platform. 


Payment flow is as follows. 


Donor make donation and it is sent to org/charity(95%) and 5% is used for platform fee. But platform fee is separated into several commissions(up to 5). 


So in current work flow, one time payment is made -> next step, payout to commissions are made. 


But in this case, fee is charged every time for transactions. 


For fee problem, I wanted to use paypal for market place but I can't get exact definition of what it is. Is it the same with paypal for partners?


Also, I think paypal for partners is just new version(v2.0) of paypla rest api. Not sure what exactly it is. 


Adaptive chained payments were great solution for this problem but it is outdated. 


So I want to know best solution for this issue. 


Sorry for asking too much but I want you selfless aid and guidance. 


Looking forward to hearing from you.