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Which PayPal Payment method should I use?


Which PayPal Payment method should I use?

Hi there,
I have an application of my client in which he has used PaypalAdaptivePayments but the API stopped working since 2 years back, now this project is within my hands so I started investigating the API and found that PayPal has deprecated the usage of this API, actually in his application what he tends to have is this:


1- There is only 1 account of this Vendor in PayPal in which the amount debits and credits from the application.


2- Basically this application is sort of Ride booking web app, in which the customer books a ride and then deposits X amount into the wallet (remember this wallet is connected to the vendor account I have mentioned in point 1).


3- When the customer ride is completed he marks the amount as to be cleared for DEBIT, then this decision is saved into my database but till this stage, the driver is not reimbursed.


4- The ADMIN logs in to this site and then he goes to the driver's list and then select an appropriate driver and then he puts in his X COMMISSION for this ride and then clicks on PAY so with this action the driver gets paid. Note: This is a commission-based procedure so for example the RIDE which an customer has booked was of USD100 so he credited this amount into the VENDORS wallet, then when the VENDOR is about to lend payment to the DRIVER he enters his own commission for e.g. 10%, so the DRIVER would be paid USD90 only. This payment is also deducted from the VENDORS wallet and then transferred to the DRIVER.


Now after painting the scenario, can you please guide me which API is best suited for this scenario? as there are LOADS of PayPal API and SDK... I am totally lost in their world, please keep in mind my application is built in ASP.NET MVC.


Please note:
My Client(Vendor) already owns a SANDBOX and a verified BUSINESS ACCOUNT in PayPal.


Warm Regards.