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Website - Paypal - Facebook integration


Website - Paypal - Facebook integration

Dear PP Community,

I am having issues with Website-PayPal-Facebook integration. For the last five years I have sold products on my website where people select the product they want and are taken to a PayPal cart to finalise the purchase (or continue shopping if they want to add more products). Simple. However, when people attempt this process in Facebook and click through my website in the app, they are taken to the PayPal login page, not the cart/shopping page, and are unable to obtain the product. It has been this way the whole time and my web designer has not been able to find a solution. It is very frustrating as I am constantly having to tell people to open the link in their browser for it to work. I feel I'm missing out on sales and creating a negative experience due to inconvenience in accessing my products. FB is the platform where I connect with the most people so I am dearly wanting a solution for this. Does anyone have advice/fixes?

Many thanks,