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User defined value in payment button

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User defined value in payment button


On a pay now button

Is it possible to add an amount input field so the user can set the amount to be paid?


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Re: User defined value in payment button

You will need to use the donate button for user defined amounts. Senders enter their own contribution amount by default.



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Re: User defined value in payment button


is there now a possibility that hte user can define the amount he pays over paypal button. We are offering appraisals and we tell the user the price in ourt offer, but would like that the user has oportunity to enter amount from offer and send it over the website. We do not have and do not need any shopping carts, because every offer is diffrent depending on the characteristics, so we can not write an fixed amount.

Is there an option to get an field where the user can write the amount, when he is ready to pay. and then clicks the pay button. It is the function like donations button, but we are selling our services, and not gahtering donations.

Thank you in advance.