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Subscription errors

New Community Member

Subscription errors



We have started to get errors with customer subscriptions, starting on 15th May, (but could be earlier).

So far only two customers have had issues:


1. Customer cancelled their subscription, instead of subscription carrying on until the end of their subscription period it had a sudden death. Subscription immediately ended.


2. Customer's subscription renewed automatically on 15th May. We received payment all ok. Customer log into account today and subscription ended, despite payment having been taken.


In both cases we have refunded already for lost subscription periods.

We are unable to replicate the error on our live test accounts.


We need to fix this asap, or find out the issue if on PayPal side.


If anyone else has experienced this please let me know.

Not sure if this is connected with any current PayPal maintenance work - if is - not impressed.


Thanks in advance.