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Seller Payment not received

New Community Member

Seller Payment not received

Hi everyone,

Can i check on the following:
Due to my e-commerce website migration, I have updated my latest email address as my primary email in paypal but i failed to amend the woocommerce paypal email address in time.|
As such i have received 8 payment notifications that reflects our old email address.

As of now it has been more than 10 days and the payments have not being credited at all.
The latest payments that reflects the correct email address have been updated but not those 8 payments that has my old email address.

Can i know when and how would i be able to receive my payments in the account?
Currently the Paypal helpline is closed and no response from their email too
Can anyone advise me on this?

Thank you so so much !!!

PayPal Employee

Re: Seller Payment not received



Thank you for reaching us thru Community Forum. Sorry to hear that your having issue regarding your payment that you are suppose to receive. My advice is if the payment was still going to your old email address that is link on your PayPal account is you just add your old email to your PayPal account and confirm your email. No need for you to make it as your primary email and remove your new email. Once your email is confirmed the money that was send using your old email will reflect on your account. I will add also here the link on how to confirm your email. Hope this helps