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STILL waiting to hear about my PPP forgiveness application

New Community Member

STILL waiting to hear about my PPP forgiveness application

Here is a timeline of my forgiveness application.  I have heard NOTHING beyond the same "Your PPP loan forgiveness request is under review" email sent several times.


10/30 - Submitted my forgiveness application, 3508EZ, along with Schedule C. Sole proprietor, loan for just shy of $8,000. All used for payroll. Received email thanking me for uploading.

11/7 - Received email that my request is under review. Received the same email 11/14, 11/21, 11/28, 12/5, with a "Loan Forgiveness Specialist" named.

12/12 - I randomly signed in to the LoanBuilder site and it said I had to upload additional documents. It was stuff that I had already checked off wasn't necessary (stuff about mortage payments or something?) since the only thing I needed to submit was my Schedule C. I have no idea why those things didn't seem to be checked off. I had received no email about my "specialist" needing any more information. I checked those things off again, saying I didn't have anything to submit for them since I hadn't included that stuff in my original application.

12/12 - Received the same "request is under review" email, this time with a different "specialist" named.

I wrote to the new "specialist" on 2/11 and left voicemail on 2/16.  I left voicemail today.  I wrote to LoanBuilder/PayPal through "Contact Us" twice.  I have heard NOTHING from anyone and am extremely frustrated.  I'm quite concerned that no steps have been taken beyond my part of submitting the forgiveness application.