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Rhino Conservation setup

New Community Member

Rhino Conservation setup

Hello everyone,


I am in need of some advice from community experts around an account setup for a friend of mine that runs this amazing Rhino Conservation in South Africa.


In short they are the second-largest rhino conservation (400+) in the world but the only one to have positive increase on their numbers year over year due to this amazing setup that they have around security, feeding programs, ranger programs etc.


Over the last 6 years, this conservation has been privately funded by the founder through one of his other ventures.

Good news is that they recently received their charitable status here in South Africa allowing them to accept donations.


We are helping them create a concept (similar to crowdfunding) that will enable them to create campaigns and receive funding directly for specific causes.

For our help we want are looking at taking a % fee on transactions.


So my questions are:

- Which products can split fees, back in the days it used to be PayPal Adaptive Payments?

- We will be processing fees in GBP, What are the fees charged?

- How can a charity gain preferred pricing?


Your help is greatly appreciated