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Request for comment: Card-only repeat payments without on-site CC capture


Request for comment: Card-only repeat payments without on-site CC capture

Hello all, I've been scouring the PayPal docs at length and have yet to come up with a clear picture of whether this is possible, and if so how to implement it, so I thought I'd come and ask:

1. Customer wants to set up repeat payments

2. customer does not have a paypal account

3. no credit card capture on merchant's site (ie hosted if possible)


The way we used to do this was with a WPP flow (capture card details/agreement on merchant site, do an API call in the background to set it all up, charge as needed)using DoReferenceTransaction). A new requirement is that the functionality meet PCI SAQ-D, which means the CC form must be removed for repeat billing.


I've struggled to come up with a solution for this, and as far as I can see a PayPal account seems to be required for all forms of repeat charging where the merchant does not capture the card details and post to the API. I think this can't be right, so I wonder if someone else could sanity check this for me by answering the following question:


Are there are any PayPal products/flows that offer repeat charging (ie subscriptions, recurring payments, reference transactions) where there is a CC-only form we can use, that is hosted by PayPal?


I'm really stumped here, so I would massively appreciate any thoughts anyone can offer. If there are various alternatives I'd appreciate hearing about any of them. Even confirmation that this is not possible would be helpful.


Thanks for your time.