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Regarding split payments


Regarding split payments


I am running into one business issue where I want to split a 100% of payment into 95-5 scenario, meaning that 95% would be given to merchant and 5% will be kept with admin who is providing service with his site. The site is

Currently, we are processing 100% of payment using braintree and then generating 95% of payout to merchant, hence 5% will be kept at admin side. But, when there is not enough funds from initiating account then it throws error. Also, this way the 95% gets down to 91% because paypal takes 2.9% + 0.30$ flat as paypal fees and payout takes 0.25$ more. So this way the merchant is getting less profit.

I want to know whether is there any suitable solution like paypal chained payments(which is deprecated now) using braintree which can help me achieve this business need ?

Looking forward to your reply.