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Receiving non-Business Donations/Setup


Receiving non-Business Donations/Setup

I'm confused.  I want to be able to accept donations without creating a business account.  I would somehow link a button to my website; it points to my WordPress blog.  I'd rather it be by itself, but I suppose I'd have to pay for another domain for that?  I don't have a legal business, so I'm not comfortable upgrading to a PayPal business account.  How do I set up the button, and will PayPal still take 2.9% from whatever I receive?

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Re: Receiving non-Business Donations/Setup

Wordpress is a little different when it comes to inserting HTML Forms - which is what the normal PayPal item button code is.  This info may help.   (And you can get help from the Wordpress Community.)


As for not having a Business Account - yes, you can collect Donations via your Personal Account however, as a Fundraiser who is not a verified nonprofit or registered 501(c)(3) charity you will be asked to demonstrate how your donations will be used, once you raise more than $10,000.  Note, there are no setup costs or monthly fees however there is a transaction processing fee on each donation you receive which is 2.9% + $0.30 USD,  (for example, on a $100 donation, you would pay a $3.20 fee).

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