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Putting a hold on customers' payments?

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Putting a hold on customers' payments?



I'm trying to set up an online platform via which people will be able to pay to commission works of art.


I am wondering if there is a way of having people "pay" via Paypal at point of requesting a commission but for the money to not actually be taken until I have accepted the commission? This way, if what they want is not possible, there is no transaction but it is still a simple process with an upfront payment and as little back and forth as possible.


I'm not really expecting this to be possible but will be very happy if it is! 


Thanks in advance if anyone knows or can help. 



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Re: Putting a hold on customers' payments?

PayPal has a feature called authorization and capture, it may or may not be something that will work for your needs but, at least worth taking a look - see this info.