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Product SKU's from E-Bay Transactions


Product SKU's from E-Bay Transactions

Hi all,


Does anyone know whether Paypal has the product SKU information from E-Bay transactions. When I download the activity list at the end of the month, I can see product titles, but the SKU information is not visible.


The reason I ask is that my business operates under two different VAT schemes, and I have to sort the transactions between the two. The SKU's are set up such that if I can see them, its a two minute job. Without them, I have to manually go through about 1,500 transactions each month and flag each one appropriately. There is then the course of splitting them between UK/EU, and outside the EU for the purposes of the VAT return, but I can do that easily enough using the country information in the address.


Doing it manually is taking me about half a day each month, and aside from being a colossal waste of time, its terribly boring. I am trying to find a technology solution which gets me to the outcome a lot more quickly.


If Paypal don't have it, I fear I am down to trying to extract data from E-Bay, and then using Excel formulae to cross reference the two. Probably achievable, but very fiddly.


Thank you