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Problem using Express Checkout (checkout.js) in Android WebView

CR- Contributor

Problem using Express Checkout (checkout.js) in Android WebView

Our app has a built-in store that is really our website running in an in-app WebView. We have implemented Express Checkout using checkout.js on our website and want to do the same in the Android version of the check-out experience. However, when the user presses the PayPal Checkout button, the PayPal pop-up comes up and they can enter their email address, then they are prompted for password, but then the pop-up window just goes white. It still has the appearance of a pop-up (not quite full screen; rounded corners) but it's just all white.

If I choose instead to check out as a guest, I can enter a card number and go through the entire process just fine (I'm having some problems after I get back to my site but I think those are my problems). The point is that I never get to the screen where I can see the amount and choose my funding source if I log in with my account.


The code works fine in the browser; just not in the WebView in the app.