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Paypal here default tax??


Paypal here default tax??

Hi -- I have my state tax rate entered into Paypal Here and 17 items are designated to be taxes.  But when I enter a new transaction for services, not for a listed item, the program is charging tax on the amount.  How do I stop this -- I need it to only charge sales tax on goods, not services.  This will be a nightmare to sort out.




Re: Paypal here default tax??

Here's a couple work-arounds, all awkward IMHO...Paypal could do much better.


1. After adding the item (service), which will have tax applied, but before swiping/inserting the card, click on the tax line and remove the tax.

2. Create a 0% tax and make that the default, which will then be applied when the item (service) is added.  Then, to charge tax you instead need to add an item that is taxed or manually add tax by clicking on the tax line and adding it in.

3. Create and item called "Service" with no tax and add that like you would add a product which is taxed.