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Paypal Zuora Integration

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Paypal Zuora Integration



We had some specific questions about Zuora-Paypal integration. We plan to go with the following flow:


  1. Setup Payment authorization - Call SetExpressCheckout, AMT = 0
  2. Redirect the buyer to Paypal, Do not call GetExpressCheckoutDetails
  3. Create Billing Agreement, Do not call DoExpressCheckoutPayment since a current purchase is not involved


We then pass this BAID to Zuora who seems will take care of the recurring billing. Is that correct? Anything we are missing?


One more question - What happens when the user upgrades an existing subscription? Seems there are limitations on updating the existing BAID subscription values. What do we do in that case?






New Community Member

Re: Paypal Zuora Integration

I am a bit worried that the Express Checkout API's needed for this Express Checkout PayPal-Zuora integration are marked as deprecated since January 2017.  Should I be worried about that?