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Paypal Here difficulties

New Community Member

Paypal Here difficulties

Wouldn't it be nice if I could just establish an email conversation with tech support instead of just getting lists of irrelevant FAQ's? 

I have serious problems with my Paypal Here system. If I walk to the other side of my store - 15m or so, it loses Bluetooth connection and then will not reconnect unless I turn Bluetooth off and on again or worse, restart my iPhone. This while a customer is tapping their foot in annoyance at the delay. Then recently, the app updated (unsolicited) and things got worse. Same connection problem but now everything runs very slowly and sometimes, while the reader shows the amount I keyed in, I do not get the single green light to allow card tap or insert. The system just freezes up. Solution? Restart phone, elog in, pass the security challenge, etc. All in slow time. I took 20 minutes trying to force it to work with one customer yesterday - and failed. They went off and found an ATM for cash. It was quicker. 

I do not want to join a 'community'. I want to establish email contact with a Paypal tech. Is that possible here? Gawd knows.


Re: Paypal Here difficulties

Sounds like you could be having some interference with your BT signal.

Do you have lots of devices running on the 2.4GHz channel? Try switching devices to 5GHz as much as possible and see if that helps.

Angell EYE -
PayPal Partner and Certified Developer - Kudos are Greatly Appreciated!