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Payouts denied because I'm considered "risky"


Payouts denied because I'm considered "risky"

Hi there,


I am trying to get the Payouts feature in PayPal approved. I applied, but was denied because my account is considered risky for some reason. I have no idea why as I've never had any problems with PayPal in 10+ years. 


I replied explaining what Payouts would be used for, offered a link to the Classifieds page I have built, but was denied again - given the exact same response. No clarification as to why.


I spent 90+ minutes on the phone this morning trying to get in touch with someone to understand. I was passed around at least 7 times before finally giving up.


Payouts would be used here:


Members would sell an item like an old CD. Another member would purchase it.


Each listing is manually approved by me or someone on my team.


Once sold, they would earn an account credit. I would then use Payouts to pay them. 


Here is a screen shot of my admin panel:


Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 7.31.28 AM.png


Someone, anyone, please help. I have spent a lot of time and energy building this, and this is the last step before launching.