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PayPal express checkout doesn't want to activate


PayPal express checkout doesn't want to activate

Hey there,


I am trying to add Paypal express checkout to my store but each time I try to activate it from Shopify Dashboard it doesn't work, even that everything is going well.

The steps are : 

1- Go to Spotify and click Activate Paypal express.

2- Sign in to Paypal.

3- Agree on giving Shopify the needed permissions.

4- Receive a confirmation saying that now Shopify is linked to my Paypal and I can click to go back to the store.


When I go back to the store, that Activates Paypal express is always there and it looks like nothing happened.

When I go to my Paypal and check the API permission I found: Which means that there is an issue with the Syncrinisation I do believe? 

Is there anything I can do to solve this?