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PayPal checkout for marketplace application

New Community Member

PayPal checkout for marketplace application

Hi there,


I'm looking at setting up a marketplace style application where the buyer and seller pay each other directly and my application facilitates the payment. I'd previously seen that Express Checkout allows me to specify the payee, however this API is now deprecated. The newer PayPal Checkout integration also allows me to specify a custom payee.


My question is, using the PayPal Checkout integration, within my 'merchant' account, am I able to see all transactions taking place between buyers and sellers? And if that is the case, would I have any power to perform refunds of these transactions?


Alternatively if there is a better integration method to achieve what I want, I'm open to suggestions. I have seen the PayPal Commerce Platform, but I've been told by PayPal support that it's still in 'test' only open to select existing customers.