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PayPal card reader problem -PayPal are not rushing to fix this!

New Community Member

PayPal card reader problem -PayPal are not rushing to fix this!

I have 3 payments on hold with PayPal and it's a problem they're aware of but seem unwilling or unable to resolve. Transactions from 23rd, 28th & 30th October left my customers accounts the same day and I have a message telling me that "you've received new funds!", but I haven't...


Numerous calls to disinterested customer service agents confirm that they are aware of a problem with card reader transactions in late October are they are supposedly working to fix it. Apparently I am not the only business affected but they could not give me an answer yesterday as to when I will get my money.


When you ask a simple question such as "where is money?", I'm told that it's "in your PayPal account but we can't access it". Welcome to the cashless society. PayPal have my money and are making interest on that money, yet are incapable of transferring it to me, affecting MY cashflow.


Anyone out there facing a similar problem? I for one am seeking legal advice...