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PayPal Working Capital

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PayPal Working Capital

I recently paid off my first PPWC loan on 12/5/2018. I got an email this morning stating loan paid in full, also on my dashboard the loan details are no longer showing and there is a link to apply for a new loan. I would like to apply for another loan, but I’ve read that it could take up to 3 days for old loan to process. Is it safe now that I have the link in my Dashboard? Or should I wait a few days?
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Re: PayPal Working Capital

You can reapply once the link is available and allows you to do so. 3 business days is a safe threshold. If you had strong November sales, I would wait until next week when the sales for November are batched and calculated and considered towards your new loan. This may result in a larger loan offer and maybe better fee rates depending on your repayment rate you select. As of Friday, December 7th, November sales had not yet been calculated for new loans. If you want to be sure that November is being calculated, you can call them anytime to ask them for your particular situation (assuming you had a strong November).