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PayPal WooCommerce Integration


PayPal WooCommerce Integration

Hi there,


We have had a PayPal account for a number of years, its always been a "business" account.


For this example I will refer to this as domain 1.


I am trying to setup a Woocommerce store but it has a different domain name, domain 2.


I have added the free PayPal Express plugin from Woocommerce. 


I can successfully link the woo commerce store to my sandbox account via my PayPal account.


But the issue is, whenever I enable "Smart Buttons" in the options, they are meant to appear in the Minicart, Cartpage, single product page and Checkout. 


They are only appearing on the checkout page, and I can also successfully test the transaction, it appears in my Orders on paypal, and Woocommerce.


I get this error on the cart page, single page, and minicart


Uncaught ReferenceError: paypal is not defined
at render (wc-gateway-ppec-smart-payment-buttons.js?ver=1.6.17:70)
at wc-gateway-ppec-smart-payment-buttons.js?ver=1.6.17:156
at wc-gateway-ppec-smart-payment-buttons.js?ver=1.6.17:171


I have raised this with my host and theme devs and they are saying nothing is wrong their side (surprise).


I can only think its because the API is setup for domain 1  and the actual API is coming from domain 2.  would that be a fair guess?


Is there anyway around this??




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Re: PayPal WooCommerce Integration

I have the same problem.