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PayPal Here Eligibility

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PayPal Here Eligibility

Confused professional businessman needing pinched... not sure if dreaming or awake. 😯😮


Hello all! Good day, or evening, wherever you are! I am just now deciding to try PayPal for doing business with my customers. I was very excited about the idea of having a card reader. Here is where the problem lies: I am told immediately (mind you, this account is JUST newly verified - ZERO negative experience possible even) by PayPal's system that I am "not eligible". I do not get any reason whatsoever in this message, so, me being very confused and thinking there was some setting wrong or something I did not complete yet, I called customer service to find out what I needed to do to get this card reader. I am then informed that the reason is "most likely" about "risk factor". I then ask how I can take payments easily on-the-go, as with my business I ALWAYS have to go to the customer. I was advised "Don't worry, there is virtual terminal!". Immediately I knew what it was, but I had to double check. Why? Because I was told the card reader was risky, but that I could use a virtual terminal. The representative indeed confirmed to me just what I thought: with this virtual terminal, you can type any number(s), any time, ask for any amount that you choose. Is that not more of a risk than being required to have my customer's card in my hand? If I have it in my hand, there is a 99% chance it was given to me and I am authorized. With a virtual terminal, as I said, if I got a customer's card info, I could go in and "bill them for services" any time I want. THAT is what is risky. Can someone please help me figure out how to just get the card reader? In addition to everything I have already pointed out, I find it hard to believe that my customers will be stoked to hand me the card and allow me to study it harder, for a longer period of time than to allow me to hold my phone up, they quickly swipe, and bam! Transaction done. I need clarification. This is making zero sense in my head. There are other services like PayPal I can use, but I WANT to use PayPal. Most people already know it and trusti it. PayPal has existed for a long time now. I would think this company had enough money and time now to find actual security experts. I feel they definitely are not experienced.. I have been in security for about 17 years now, and this all SCREAMS "totally backwards" to me. 


Please understand - I am not being a donkey butt. I am not being sarcastic. I am just floored that what I see has not been thought of at all it seems. I NEED to talk to someone who has some control over these decisions. Does anyone here have the ability to talk to me further about it? Can anyone do a manual review and show me why I shouldn't get a chance to utilize this tool? Can anyone at least *direct* me to someone with answers? This is so hard for me to fathom that I am "flabbergasted". I have no other word for it. 


Again, please understand that though I may have sounded really mad and sending this message with ill-will, I promise you that is not the case. I need a resolution, however, and as soon as possible. I HOPE PayPal will allow me to do business with them. I know I am only one customer, but if people are turned away before any human eyes ever look into the request NOR the automated systems see negative or odd activity in my account, won't this dramatically harm in the end? It won't just harm PayPal. It harms me and people like me. It harms my customers. They need to know they can trust me and safely do business.


CAN WE GET A REAL ANSWER? Anyone at all? Anywhere at all?


Thank you in advance! I hope you all understand my view on this, as well as grant me a manual review and maybe a chance to get one and TRY? I think it's only fair people not get punished and set back until they have broken a rule, cost PayPal money, or otherwise done harm... any harm at all.


Any advice/help is appreciated more than you know! Because the people at the call center simply say "I don't know what to tell you. They are in our back end". Even if a computer turns you down, there is a human being somewhere that programmed that computer, and can therefor control it. This policy, ro whatever it is, needs to be focused on and as soon as possible. I really hope this is a simple mistake and I am overreacting. Someone please? Thanks again for your time and help, if you can provide it. Ultimately, you got this far in my speel, so you're automatically a champ!  😎

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Re: PayPal Here Eligibility

I had the exact experience.  I called to ask about eligibility requirements and was told they have 'no idea'.  That it is handled by an outside company.  I suggested they make the process a bit more explanatory.