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PayPal Fees for Customer Payments

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PayPal Fees for Customer Payments

What is the fee that paypal charges us to receive fees from our customer so for example if a customer pays €10.00 then how much do we receive after the paypal charge? 

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Re: PayPal Fees for Customer Payments



Chart of fees:


See section A2. Commercial Transaction payment Fees


3.40% + Fixed Fee*

for Payments to users in Ireland (Domestic)

*Where there is stated to be a Fixed Fee component, please refer to A4.6 which is at the very bottom of the link above.


For cross border (intl), see section A2.3 Receiving Cross Border payments (Selling)

Add those percentages where applicable to the standard 3.40% rate and add the fixed fee to get the total cross border (intl) rate If you are receiving payments from outside of Ireland into Ireland.


The country groups are in section A4.4 A “Cross Border” which is above the fixed fee section, A4.6 on the fee chart.


Once you figure out the rate, then you use this PayPal fee calculator to determine the amount in fees:

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂