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PayPal Declining Card Charges When Customer Bank Approves It


PayPal Declining Card Charges When Customer Bank Approves It

For the second time in a row I have had a two customer credit card transactions declined.   I am using the PayPal Here chip reader and the client signs and then I get a decline from PayPal.  The customer called their bank and the bank sees the charge and they approve it, but PayPal declines it from going through.


I was told by PayPal that their algorithm deemed the transactions too risky, so they decline.   They of course couldn't give me any reason why It's a risky transaction and will not let it go through.  Simply, it's the algorithm.   I was also told that there is no way for them to force the charge to go through, and nothing I can do on my end.   


Is this a common thing to happen?   The commonality of the two customers who were declined are they are from out of town and they were using a branded rewards card.    Does PayPal decline rewards cards as a rule since they sometimes charge higher transaction fee to the merchant?  


It's embarrassing and frustrating for all involved.   Is SQUARE a better option?