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Pay Pal Working Capital - Error Codes

New Community Member

Pay Pal Working Capital - Error Codes

Hi everyone!


I've been using the Pay Pal work capital service this year and it really has made such a positive impact to my business and allowed us to grow the way we wanted this year, however as we're in retail we've had a quieter month so i decided to pay off the loan a little early so that we could generate a new one and continue on towards Christmas.


However... i've been getting error codes and have spoken to the PayPal team on the phone and they can't find any reason why i'm getting these error codes? Its quite frustrating as I massively regret paying it back early as I could have used that money elsewhere!


Can anyone shine any light? We've only had a handful of disputes and in actual fact after speaking to PP they were landed in our favour, our current turn over is around 50k so the sales volume is more than enough?