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Pairing the card reader (UK)

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Pairing the card reader

My card reader has been in a cupboard for several months. It now won't pair. I have contacted the help centre and their response is that this error can't be repaired and it is outside the warranty period so hard luck. I am shocked that having sold me this device, and it having failed, absolutely no attempt was made to fix or replace.


Avoid is my avice, buy a better quality product from a better company.


Re: Pairing the card reader

Just add a new cards and see is that works

Re: Pairing the card reader

My card reader (956) wouldn't connect to my Samsung s6 when I went to take a card payment from a customer. Took it home to try with network and still no luck.

unpaired and paired again and it came up ready to go.

However, next time I used it the same thing happened again.

I now find that I have to go through this procedure every time, which causes delays and irritates customers. (I run a couple of cabs)

My phone is also paired with handsfree in my 3 cars (one has a Pioneer dab radio that I have to tell the Samsung to connect with, in the other two cars it connects without prompting) and I am unsure whether there may be a generic incompatibility with the reader and Samsung S6 or whether there may be a generic fault in the s6 which stops automatic connection in some instances.

Can you shed any light on this situation?


Re: Pairing the card reader

Hi AndyDarroch,


Apologies for the delay. Are you still experiencing issues pairing the reader? Have you tried to complete a full factory re-set or ran any updates with the reader recently? 




Re: Pairing the card reader

I am curious to understand why, after successful pairing, the pairing should continuously fail after inactivity for a short period?  Only the pairing can take ages, and that loses us sales due to the fact that it happens repeatedly during every day of use, several times.


The device was purchased in September 2017, was paired with an iPad, and has been doing this since before Christmas.  


Please advise.


Re: Pairing the card reader (UK)

Card number