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P&P for multiple of same item

New Community Member

P&P for multiple of same item

Hi there


Can someone kindly help? I have created a 'buy now button' for an item of £6.99 & £1.99 p&p. 


I need to know how to make the p&p at the checkout of my product apply to each copy that a client buys. So my product is £6.99 + £1.99 shipping. If a client buys x3 of the item the p&p will need to be £5.97. However in the checkout at the moment, it only states £1.99 regardless of how many items of the product a client buys. 


So how do I amend in the button options to account for the added p&p depending on how many of the product a client purchases?


Thank you so much. The PayPal 'message us' option isn't being helpful at all.