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#Outdoorvendor #nointernetatcraftshows

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#Outdoorvendor #nointernetatcraftshows

I sell my artwork at fairs in outdoor markets. I can't get my square to connect to a hot spot or the internet. Even though I am following the instructions on the "Square App" I have downloaded to be used for outdoor fairs and markets. I still have no internet connection. 

    I have tried setting up a WiFi hotspot as well on my Samsung Tablet. It won't connect with a transaction either. I am losing sales. Can someone please walk me through the process? I would appreciate it so much. 

Thank you

Rozz 😊 


Re: #Outdoorvendor #nointernetatcraftshows

Hi @Rozzhopp, Thank you for posting.


It sounds like Square, a competitor to PayPal is having issues at farmers markets. If you download the PayPal Here app (PayPal's Card Present Processing App) you can use PayPal technology and we offer live phone support 7 days a week.




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