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Need inputs for Paypal buttons and recurring payments


Need inputs for Paypal buttons and recurring payments


I recently started using Paypal for my website development. Initially I thought work can be done with Buy now button, but we have requirement for recurring payment (Ex: $50 per month).

I need some guidance how we can develop this feature, I created the subscription button, but how this can be used for the feature like email communication, canceling the subscriptions.

Is this is where we need to use API? what's the main different between using API and Buttons. 

Appreciate your inputs.




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Re: Need inputs for Paypal buttons and recurring payments

It's possible to create the email or text link version of a Subscription button however, you cannot offer choices or text input options like you can with the Subscription Button code.   If you're Subscription is for simple, meaning you have not added any additional options, then when you generate the code, the online button creator will also show you the email or text link version of the code.  Note that on that same page where you see the code, there's an option to create the Cancel code.


API or Application Programming Interface offer more control over the checkout flow than the Payments Standard buttons.  From your users perspective, APIs can allow them to complete the action without leaving your website which is what Payments Pro is all about.  For example, you could direct the buyer to the credit card section specifically on the checkout page, or you could send them to the PayPal login section as Express Payments does.   With Payments Standard, you can not do this as it relies on cookies, and you don't have control of the cookies with with standard.  Payments Standard uses HTML Forms which will redirect your customer directly to the PayPal Checkout Screens verses Pro which allows you to control the checkout process.