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NVP/SOAP API integration


NVP/SOAP API integration

I am using the NVP/SOAP API integration with my website and mobile app integration to process payments and I want to allow customers to purchase WITHOUT a PayPal account (provide CC info to PayPal and process the payment) but the landing screen requires users to Login with their PayPal account or "Create an Account". There's no - PURCHASE WITH A CC  - option for users to choose. I thought this was possible?


Also - the checkout always verifies the user's shipping address - I don't need shipping info - so can I disable this so the user doesn't see the shipping info when purchasing through NVP/SOAP API integration?


Re: NVP/SOAP API integration

From what I've gathered, you need to set up PayPal Pro to receive cc payments without the customer having a PP account. On a side note, I'm still trying to figure out if I can still use this basic feature on my online store while waiting for approval on submitted business info/records to set up PPPro.