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Maximum Amount for Recurring Subscription?


Maximum Amount for Recurring Subscription?

We have been using PayPal to process monthly subscriptions to our high-performance investment strategies for about six months. Prior to that, we were using our in-house merchant account for processing. Apparently, because they are very pleased with their subscription, we have received a significant number of investors who have asked about getting a longer-term billing - such as quarterly or annually - and taking advantage of any discount that may be available. 


The strategies are billed monthly at a range of $15-$21, and the appropriate annual billing, with two months free (-17% discount), would range from $150 to $210 per year. My question is: can I set up PayPal annual billing for recurring subscriptions at $210 – and perhaps even a bit higher? Or is there a maximum amount that can be charged on a recurring subscription? Thank you.


 PS – I searched for an answer to this question and could find nothing that it addressed the maximum amount that can be charged for a recurring subscription.