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Making PayPal payments via iZettle


Making PayPal payments via iZettle

Assume I have a ‘shop’ page on an existing website (i.e. one not built using iZettle's store builder) linking with a Go Plus account using their ‘Buy button’ HTML, and that the connection to my PayPal business account has been activated via the Dashboard.

Q: If a customer wants to pay using their PayPal account, are they presented with an IZettle payment screen (with communication with PayPal being handled in the background by iZettle) or are they routed direct to PayPal?
Q: In either case, how is the online shop notified that payment has been made successfully since I believe PayPal’s PDT and IPN mechanisms won’t work when used via iZettle?

I have tried - so far unsuccessfully - to get answers to these two questions from the iZettle eCommerce team