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Log in/Checkout Form is not loading


Log in/Checkout Form is not loading

I have a PayPal button on my Wordpress website through a plugin, and was testing my site pages. 

I have a sandbox account and switched it to PayPal testing mode to test the whole transaction. However, the login/ checkout page is unable to load and all I get is just the constant "processing" page no matter how long I load it. 


The owner of the plugin has been able to open up the PayPal account and complete a transaction using Google Chrome, but I've tried it on two browsers- Brave and Safari and still have not gotten the PayPal form to load on both browsers. 


I've even allowed cookies and pop-ups, cleared my cache, tried it using private windows, turned off the Brave browsers shields , and even set up a different user on my computer to try it and still no luck. 


All I get is the processing page. 


Can anyone help with this issue? It's been a few days of trying to solve this problem and it's frustrating. 

Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 17.36.50.png