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Issue with Profile Settings for Printed Receipts in PayPal Here

New Community Member

Issue with Profile Settings for Printed Receipts in PayPal Here

Hello all,


We are fairly new to PayPal Here and so far the system has worked pretty flawlessly.  However, we are having an issue with the address and phone number information that displays at the top of printed receipts and PayPal support has not been able to come up with a resolution.  Hopefully the community at large can 🙂


In PayPal Here (either through the App or the PayPal website), we have updated the "Profile Settings" (these are the ones that appear alongside "Item Catalog" and "User Management") to reflect the address of the pop-up shop that we will be attending this weekend.  When we print a test receipt from within the PayPal Here app, the correct address and telephone information appears at the top of the printed receipt.  Everything looks great!


However, when we print an actual receipt for a rung up sale (cash for instance), the app appears to use the address set within Account Settings - Business Profile in PayPal rather than the address we set in "Profile Settings" in PayPal Here.  Support has taken us through several potential resolutions, including modifying our address in Business Profile, but the problem continues to persist.  Strangely enough, the "Return Policy" field within the PayPal Here "Profile Settings" *does* come through onto the printed receipts successfully.


Does anyone know exactly where the PayPal Here app is pulling it's address information from for printed receipts?  I would think that the "Profile Settings" fields in PayPal Here would override anything else set in the PayPal profile, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  Any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated.